How do you make a film - what do you shoot?

With every handcrafted wedding film we create, it is our mission to make sure we add the one key ingredient...personality/love. we don't sell your product. We tell stories that make the right audience fall in love with you.We'd love to help you make your wedding unique, special, and fun! Every wedding we carefully craft starts with a blank sheet of paper. During the wedding day we quietly blend in with your family and guests; never interrupting or arranging things. We let you enjoy your day and do our thing.


What kind of weddings do you shoot? Do you shoot Engagements?

We love to shoot people doing things. Whether that be a bride's father crying during her vidai, cousin who started all the laughing riot, or a mother's love for her baby ; we shoot moments. To be more precise, we capture the moments between moments and we love quirky, radtastic people.


Do you print Albums?

We allow the designers, who are better at it to do the job. We do allow you to retain the ownership for your images and we color correct each and every image that we deliver.


Is the editing of the photos/videos done in house or is it being outsourced?

The editing of both photos and videos are done in-house. This means you do not have to worry about the quality of the images, the co-ordination involved or any other issues pertaining to the deliverables.


How many artists can work together in a wedding?

A team for your wedding is tailored according to your preference and style. Every wedding has unique requirements. We have shot an 8 people intimate wedding to a big fat wedding with 50,000 guests.


Do you guys travel?

We create wedding videos that are very personal to the couples we film. Quirky, traditional, low-key, big fat wedding, out-of-this-world - we're game for it all and willing to get on a plane to document it!


What do you shoot with?

We shoot with a vision, anticipation and love. Its not about what we shoot with , its about how we shoot. Needless to say, we have the best gear ( if that's the answer you are looking for!)


What is your shooting style?

Every photographer has their own unique style. Some work like photojournalists, gliding invisibly between the guests, capturing candid moments. Others frame with all the sophistication of film directors, capturing the lavish designer Ghagras/sarees, funny pandits or the backdrops filled with granduer.