The moment is so fleeting. it lasts a lifetime.

A father watches from a distance, as his daughter is just married, she looks for him amidst all the people and the celebration. She finds him, blended into the crowd, almost invisible, watching her. He smiles, she smiles, there's a glint in his eye. There is no one else in that moment.

It is this moment that binds us and you. we, the observers. We then go on to show you what we saw, hoping earnestly, that you'd go back to that fragile moment. And when that happens, when we see that glint in your eye again, we find ourselves.

We are just a regular bunch of guys, but you can spot us in a crowd, we look happier. We don't like to work, but we love to move. We love music, rehman, Dylan, coldplay.

We like sport, design and textures, physics, mountains, food, light, colour.

We like a good afternoon nap, we like chocolate desserts, we like beautiful girls and funny men, we like spaces and their tiny details, we can fight the monday morning traffic only for a beautiful breakfast.

We love to create. And we do only what we like to do. Only that, nothing else. We are stubborn like that. Most times we like doing nothing.

We don't care about hardwork, we care about making it look effortless. and what we care about the most is being able to lie down at night and say to ourselves, that it's been one fine day. Incidentally, that's what we are called.

One Fine Day - the artist collective